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    EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (bottle 0.5 lt.)


    • Freshly Cold Pressed 2019 Harvest / 2020 Release
    • Most potent flavor from olives harvested in October.
    • Total production : 1000 bottles/year
    • 1 x 500 ml/16.9 fl. oz
    • Balanced aromas of artichokes and freshly cut grass
    • This classic 100% Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil blends four olive varietals – Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Mignola .
    • If you’re looking for an oil to drizzle over your food for added flavor, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is your best bet.  Tenuta Forconi Extavirgin Olive Oil  which is produced outside Florence,  has a nice balance of fruit and bitter with an earthy aroma.
    • We recommends using our oil for roasted or grilled meat, and on hearty vegetables and mushroom dishes.