“I am fortunate and privileged to be able to continue the historical legacy of my ancestors. For me,  FORCONI ESTATE means home; it is my anchor in life. We want our winery to remain a home and source of energy for our children and future generations.”


The Forconi Estate  is twelve kilometers ( 7miles) from Florence on the hills behind Chianti , immersed in a landscape of vineyards, olive groves , and woods which house, as well , lovely villas and stone farmhouses .

The Estate has been  a property of the Forconi Family by early  1900 , and consists of 21 rolling hectares of vineyards and Olive trees.

The wines of  Forconi Estate,  beautifully express the endearing native character of the region – made with the same experience and appreciation for consistent varietal quality at a great value. Our lineup consists of palate pleasing, award-winning Chianti docg  and Super Tuscan wines!

Excellent is also the production of red and white wines and are well-known for  the production of  Vin Santo and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

With more than one hundred years of  viniculture behind it , the Forconi Estate has a long and great family tradition  . His grandfather,  original creator of fine wines  , handed down his passion first to his sons and later to his nephew Riccardo. 

In 2003 , Riccardo , extraordinary palate,  decided to restructure the old vineyards and to purchase new ones. The choice to  produce his wines in the classic method, obtaining products of high quality and finesse , can be seen as nothing short of extraordinary and innovative.

Forconi Estate is now a dynamic  estate that, in little more than a quarter of a century, has achieved great successes thanks to the commitment of its current owner  in the field  of  Tuscan viticulture.

Forconi Estate  is characterized by  a strong relationship with the territory,  and by its innovation and research aimed  at improving the quality  of  the territory.

The Estate is actually composed of 21 hectares. Our wines are composed of SANGIOVESE and  CHIANTI, COLORINO (a native  Tuscan  grape), CABER­NET, MERLOT , TREBBIANO and VERMENTINO grapes.

In 2015, we began converting the entire  production of the Forconi Estate to ORGANIC specifications, and the organic certification will be granted to us by the end of 2017.